I've Arrived!

Aloha and welcome to my very first blog posting!

Where do I start, well this is my first blog ever and I’m sort of excited but also curious. For starters, I’m originally from Honolulu, born and raised till deciding to go to Parsons School of Design as it was known back then. I wanted to major in Fashion illustration there when there was a separate curriculum from general illustration. The school had an incredible reputation in fashion design as well as the other majors offered. In my senior year, my instructors sent me to intern at world-famous and iconic illustrator Antonio Lopez. We connected immediately and I got my first illustration assignment at GQ because of his recommendation to the AD before I even graduated! He and Juan Ramos his business partner and collaborator became important mentors to my growth as an artist.

After graduating from Parsons, the field of fashion illustration slowly started to shrink and although I was getting assignments I just needed a steady income and so I accepted a job as a bullpen artist in a small advertising agency where I honed my skill as a marker comp artist. Ten months later I was offered a freelance position as a graphic designer at Glamour magazine. I had no knowledge of graphic design but the Art Director liked how I laid out each illustration in my portfolio and that they would teach me graphic design and that was my start with the best publication, Condé Nast I’ve moved throughout the company working for various magazines and art departments while still working on my freelance illustration assignments.

I hope that with this blog I can give you some insight into how I approach illustrating the human figure be it nude or clothed.

Anyway, it will be exciting to communicate in length to all of you who are interested in the basics of drawing and some of the tips I can show you via my video clips that I will post here. If you have any questions or feedback regarding any part of the process that you see I will be delighted to help you out in any way that could improve your skills as an artist.

As for blogging, I’m slowly taking my first baby steps in getting around the process of posting and uploading materials to share with you so please bear with me while I get acquainted with it.

So on this inaugural blog, I’m posting a few drawings that were done at yesterday’s fashion drawing session. FYI, the first images were 2-minute poses and the others were 7-10 minutes. I decided to just use a black Prismacolor pencil for these because it has a slightly waxy feel on paper and I can get dense black as well as middle gray tone. My other option is to bring these in to Procreate and add colors and effect without disturbing the quality of the line drawing which is very important to me.

I’ll try to post links of videos showing the making of these once I’m able.

Enjoy and I welcome your feedback if you have any.